Welcome. Mustapha Tahir is a family physician. Qualified in the UK Mustapha Tahir aims to give his patients the best possible care.


Holistic approach is the conner stone of Dr Mustapha Tahir in his practice. Mustapha Tahir also has special interest in Medical Law and Ethics.

Mustapha Tahir has published and quoted extensively on Hysteroscopy and Transvaginal Sonography.


Dr Mustapha Tahir is currently writing on Legal and Ethical dimensions of terminal (Palliative) sedation. In addition, Mustapha Tahir has special interest in Euthanasia and Physician Assisted suicide.

You can follow Dr Mustapha Tahir in the following social networks: Twitter @drmmtahir OR @Mustapha Tahir

Also at mustaphatahir.blogspot.com OR www.mustaphatahir.com


Dr Mustapha Tahir

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