I am a student of horticulture. These pages are being created as a tool for me to learn. The pictures often do not depict the plants at their ideal and for the most part were not taken with aesthetics in mind.


I have tried to get a variety of views and angles to assist in identification and recognition.


I generally upload and then come back later to label, typing

each label separately, (avoiding the use of 'copy and paste'), which is a great way to learn the names.


I also type in other information that I am focusing on remembering.


I welcome any feedback and/or corrections regarding inaccurate labeling and descriptions.


I am also an artist. I paint, draw, work with mosaic and multi-media and take very, very many photographs. Many of them are posted on my other flickr site:




Thanks for taking time to look at my pictures and reading my profile.


Please write if you have the inkling!




View my photos at bighugelabs.com


maggie_and_her_camera. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

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I can attest to the fact that Maggie (and her camera) take AMAZING photos. And she's a really nice person. And smart. And fun. Signed, this date, with no witnesses because I am all alone stuck in my cube, sincerely, ME.

November 13, 2007