I don't like chain letters. And I don't like groups with conditions like a "Post 1-Comment 3". So if I comment somebody's photo, you can be sure that it is because I like it, and not because I want to post some of my works

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I also first encountered Sergey's photos on Fotolog: I was really happy a few weeks ago to learn that he had transferred over to Flickr: His bird photos are always stunningly brilliant and often with added information too: The photo work is an ornothologists dream!

December 3, 2005

I know Sergey from fotolog and I'm so happy he's now a part of the flickr community. His pictures of birds are true treasures. Photos of woodpeckers, tits and even sparrows and many more in their natural habitat fill me with great joy. Thank you Sergey for sharing this gems with us.

October 31, 2005