A few years ago I had some heart problems and the doctor told me to get out and start walking. One on of my walks in a local nature reserve, I spotted a great blue heron at the side of the path. Of course, I did not know the name of this bird, only that it was huge and it was standing right there! I was astounded that I could see something like that in the middle of Irvine, a very big and busy city in Southern California. The next day, I took my wife out there to see this amazing thing, but when we got to the spot the heron was no where to be found. I waved my arms and said that even though he was so big I was sure he could be anywhere! When I waved my arms and said the word "anywhere", the heron took off from where he had been standing just in front of us in the reeds and flew over our heads. From that day, I have been interested in finding, naming, and taking pictures of birds. Over time, my hobby expanded to include all types of wildlife, and now even natural landscapes.


I know I am blessed by the Lord to be able to see so many beautiful creatures that He has made. I post them here to share with you. My hope is that you will enjoy them too. Thank you for looking!

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