I have received several requests to use my photographs and I am honored by your interest.


You are free to use any of my images that are copyrighted under an appropriate Creative Commons license. I do not require payment for this favor, but I do request that you credit me under my pseudonym (Jan Tik), and that you link the image back to the original on Flickr.


My real name is not important, and you do not need it for licensing purposes since I state this in my profile on Flickr.


Thank you,


Jan Tik.


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From time to time I also like to write: Thungle


My Wikipedia profile and the articles I have started: Wikipedia User: Jan Tik

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sume says:

Jan has a brilliant, colorful and giving spirit that's reflected in both his personality and his photography. His photographs are a delight to the eye and his stories food for the soul. Thanks for everything, Jan!

October 1, 2005

Humorous, insightful, intelligent, with an eye for the irony and value in everyday things. Always there with a kind word of encouragement. A leader who does so as a friend. If Flickr is meant to spread good feelings around the world, Jan has fulfilled its mission.

August 26, 2005
Dynamic Eye (deleted)

A fascinating body of work. Some really spectacular shots

May 19, 2005