Since 2018 and a nuisance lawsuit, most of our substantial global Carnival focus has moved to Menawhile,,, and a network of far too many links on an overwhelming number of pages trying to make a greater whole has remained popular but static. Our main image server is at and it is a visual travel guide to great people's annual events and their cities. It owes its strength to the creative commons tags of These fotos always link back to flickr and name and index the photographer. Thank you for sharing.


With a special emphasis on Carnaval celebrations and their wide array of associated often localized versions of music film and food with a special knod to rituals of the sacred silly and profane we explore the transformational territory of festivals around the globe and invite you to come with us!


We are all about promoting Carnavals, Carnival, Carnevale, Mardi Gras or any great annual event that creatively engages the community to express themselves through the sensational power of song, dance and story to connect the past, present and future into sublime indescribable moments of ecstatic joy and fulfilled fantasy. This is theatre of the streets, found in the earliest communities as spring and fall festivals. Today it is a rare harmony of the bright, pure, and true.


Still for many the dark Carnival is where to find the stars they seek.


While Carnavals glorify the fresh and original, they are also where entire cultures preserve their rhythms, costumes, traditions and myths.


The San Francisco Mission District is where this all comes together and it is our great pleasure and privilege to be able to share this with you as we attempt to unite the SF Bay Area into ONE region under the power and mystery of the Trinity.


Most of our photos have Creative Commons Copyright on them allowing them to use them with credit. Simplest way is to mention "foto courtesy of" REMEMBER, we do not have model releases by the subject(s) of a photo, granting permission for his or her image to be used for commercial purposes. Different countries laws may be applicable particularly regarding publicity and privacy rights of individuals.

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