I'm currently using Flickr as a place to post batches of photos when I'm traveling. It is easy to load a file directly from LR -- and I love the way Flickr displays photos. If you want to see insects and amphibians from other areas of the world please visit my website: www.jeremysquire.com.


You can also find me on Instagram (link below) where there is a community of excellent macro photographers who are focussed (pun intended) on small, beautiful and unusual creatures around the world.


If you are a non profit, journalist, educator, researcher or similar and you would like to use my photos in a conservation-related project they are available at no charge. Please contact me at: secretlives@icloud.com for hi resolution versions.


I shoot macro almost exclusively. I'm not an entomologist and my main interest is in drawing attention to the overlooked and endangered arthropod -- and other small creatures. The photos here are samples from my library of over 10,000 shots from around the world-- feel free to make requests.

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