Born 1990 and grown up in Winterthur, now living in Rapperswil-Jona. Started to take pictures of public transport nearly 20 years ago with my mother's Minolta cam, and acting digital since 2006 using Canon EOS, actually the 80D model. I studied public planning in Rapperswil, and my actual job is to plan public transportation in eastern switzerland (in a private office called asa AG, working for different communities, operators and societys. So, no professional photographer, but an informed one...


My aim is to show the public transport in beautiful Switzerland (geographically spoken - you may have different opinions about politics ;)) and all around Europe in it's "natural surroundings", which means with a big amount of landscape around. You won't find the ordinary bus portrait here. I try to give you as much information as possible about buses, trains, routes and regions, as i think it is important to see how public transport is planned and operated - even if you may not use it and drive to your photo spot by car. I use public transport (or occassionally my bicycle or feet) for all my pictures, no matter if here in Switzerland or elsewhere, as i am not able to drive a car and never have been interested in changing that.


So, if you have any questions, about me, my work, my pictures or Swiss public transport planning in general, just ask. I usually like to respond ;)


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  • JoinedJanuary 2020
  • OccupationVerkehrsplaner
  • HometownWinterthur
  • Current cityJona
  • CountrySchweiz


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