Am Robbert, Dutch National, I am lucky to live in Kenya. Part of my work is free lance photo manipulator. My personal website is:


Most of my photo's are under the creative commons license: use them as long as you give me credit. I believe this is the best way for sharing them. For big enlargements you will have to contact me.


I see it a bit as the music industry. Artists make more money with concerts than the sell of albums and the music bosses do not want to change the rights because they are the onese that make the most money. However albums make you popular. So some choose to make this free with giving credit). And the same goes for my photo's


Your personal concert: When you see a photo manipulation that looks cool, and you want your friend or family in it and give it as a present, please feel free to contact me. For a small fee I can make it for you. And if you have an idea and it is not in the photo stream, maybe we can work something out. You can find examples here:


Hope you enjoy my photo's



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