I'm happy if you like my images - but you have to follow some rules if you want to share or use them. It's my profession to sell image rights, but not to have my work pirated.


If you want to use my images for any commercial activity - such as promotion for your service, the website of your organization, or a blog related to your business - you must contact me for a paid license - license@martin-liebermann.de. You must do this before using my work, all else will be treated as copyright infringement.


For strictly personal use - on your blog, your image collection, your social media pages - you may use my images only if you give credit and a link back to to www.martin-liebermann.de. A link back to the Flickr page with the source image is also welcome.


You also must include the license status of the image - plain old copyright "(C)" .


If you need a print or a high resolution file for printing, please contact me: info@martin-liebermann.de

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