I’ve been into photography since about 2007, some years more enthusiastically than others. I’ve tried my hand at various styles and subjects, and gravitated over time towards nature/wildlife and architectural landscapes. I use Olympus gear and Adobe software on a mac.


I post everything except family portraiture at full resolution under the Creative Commons licence, including my best work. I have occasionally experimented with commercial photography and found it frustrating - it’s never going to be how I make my living. I’d rather keep my interest in photography up by spreading my work as freely as possible through permissive licensing, and it works; my photos have been published by Reader’s Digest, the BBC, National Geographic and many others.


You don't need my permission to use my CC-licensed work but if you ask for it, unless it is to promote hatred or illegality you will get it. I am happy to be credited as "William Warby" or "wwarby" with a link to my Flickr page if possible, but I'm not fussy about the detail of how credit is shown. I do like is receiving messages about where my work has been used but it’s a request, not a requirement.

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