I believe in sharing. So I'm usually pleased if you ask me a permission to use one/some of my photos.

But there IS an exception.



tanakawho. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr


Equipment: Canon EOS Kiss X4

I sometimes use loupes to do supermacro shots.


My main machine is EOS KIssX 4.

Post production: Photoshop Elements6.0


I learned this technique of shooting supermacro with a loupe from one of my contacts and here is my version.




2.Some of the loupes have small LED light which comes in handy because it tends to get dark when we shoot close to the subjects.


3.I put the loupe just in front of the camera like this and adjust the focus then shoot(^_^;).



Although many of my photos don't allow commercial use, I'm willing to supply them on some conditions. If you use them for commercial use, contact me first, please.


I'm sorry to do this but I must block someone who tries to fave too many of my photos without any comments if he/she has no icons, photos of him/herself, no contacts or no profile. If these apply to you and you still want to fave my photo(s), please, please leave some short comments on it or contact me first.


Notice to bloggers:

I feel honoured when you use one of my pictures in your blog.

One remark, though:

Please tell me ! A simple one-liner with the URL is fine.

Thanks a lot in advance.


My Flickr DNA here.

View my DNA at bighugelabs.com


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Tanakawho has an ability to look at things that appear common to the average person and create beautiful images. She doesn't just take pictures, she creates them. If you haven't viewed her photo stream, you don''t know what you are missing.

December 20, 2007