I take photos with 35mm film cameras, either a Canon Rebel 2000 (EOS 300), or an Olympus Stylus Epic. The Canon came from my wife Wendy, who used it on her travels around the world before getting a digital Canon 350D. The Olympus is an EBay purchase, because I wanted something more pocketable and weather resistant.


My start in photography was around 2002 when I bought a Canon G3. About five years later I moved on to a Canon EOS 400D. My digital photos I keep on a separate site, www.njcull.net. This hasn't been updated in a while, because all my stuff is film these days. The Flickr stream is film only.


My photos are mostly of the snapshot variety, on holidays, or down at the local railway museum. My photostream contains black-and-white, colour negative, and colour slide images.


My analogue inspiration comes from sites such as:



* The Film Photograpy project

* OCAU film is not dead thread

* And of course the wonderful Flickr groups such as I Shoot Film

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