Images uploaded to Flickr are free for dissemination by media outlets and all other interested persons or organizations for newsworthy or educational media products. They are not, however, and in accordance to Flickr policy, to be used with the intention of reproducing and selling the images without prior consent of the releasing authority, or by extension, the photographer whose name should be included in the description. Please credit "Photo by ISAF Public Affairs" unless otherwise noted. The releasing authority is the Public Affairs Officer for RS Headquarters or any persons designated by the Public Affairs Officer, any of whom can be contacted at


For units uploading photos to this page:


This is the official RS Flickr page and imagery posted to this site should showcase the efforts of the entire coalition in a professional manner. All photos posted to this site must portray the efforts of the RS mission throughout Afghanistan.


Contributors must adhere to the following guidelines when posting to the RS Flickr account. We reserve the right to delete or pare down photosets and photos which do not adhere to the guidelines. Serial violators may be banned from further posting.


* Ensure photos are cleared for release and double-check for propriety before uploading.

* Always give photo credit. If it’s not in the metadata or included somewhere else, and if all else fails, write “courtesy photo.”

* Enter a real title that either identifies the activity/draws the viewer in. Do not use the VIRIN as a photo title.

* When adding multiple photos of the same event, create a photo set. Set titles should be similar to a headline, easily and briefly summarizing entire set of photos.

* ENSURE PHOTOS IN SETS ARE UNIQUE. There’s no value in adding the same or similar photos 100 times in a set. This site is not intended to be an online repository for contributors' work.

* Cutlines: abide by the AP Style Guide. Ensure proper ID of service members and equipment. Include hometown when possible, regardless of nationality.

* DO NOT REPEAT the same information in every photo cutline. Brief cutlines are fine as long as they contain the pertinent info of who, what, when, where. Deep pic ‘n cuts with the “why” are of course acceptable as well.

* Tags included in the photo’s metadata are automatically included. If not, add some. (i.e. EOD, Afghanistan, Army, etc)

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