I've been cake decorating for 12 years as a hobby and absolutely love it. I bake all my own cakes from scratch, using only fresh ingredients.


Anna von Marburg's "Cakes in Bloom" caught my eye in a book store and I thought "I can do that!" and enrolled in a class - the rest in history. I made every birthday cake in the family ( I was relentless!) for a good many years and people started to notice and place orders for themselves. I love what I do and am always looking to improve my skills and develop as an artist.


I've recently started to photograph my work professionally and am working towards turning the corner from slightly obsessed by all things sugar to being able to create cakes for a living. I 've been inspired by the work I've seen on Flikr and am looking forward to being able to participate in this talented on line community. It's great to see the wonderful array of talent out there!


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