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Me, Myself, and I

I really wanted to keep my real life and fantasy life separate but here she is ................. my aka Baby Jo for those in the know

I am Josie Gardiner in previous life I was Josephine Tikena. Part me still wants to be that silly little girl who was rebellious and used to smoke and drink and party up every weekend but I've moved on. Its better out the other side being me now. I wish my children and grandchildren could be where I am.

I think that this is the skin I made of me and my grandkids and great gran kids. If not then its a skins that I am making or I am testing for them. I started making them skins but they asked me how to make them and I gave them what I knew on line. Oh! what clever people they are because now they are making their own but they want me to check it on my one to see if it works and yes they do. Some of them are only 11 years old. I'm sure they got their computer savvy from me.



I love old country songs by Jim Reeves and I can't play my old record because they are obsolete. Elvis Presley is my ultimate singer. I LOVE ROCK N ROLL. I was brought up on it.


I like children's films Harry Potter. Spiderwick and Avatar I went to just yesterday with Gary's kids and Lani. It was excellent but I have to see it again in Auckland on three D. Better take the Xavier and Phoenix,


I'm not sporty but I have coached basketball, swimming, netball, softball and athletics but personally I'm not into playing. I love watching the All Blacks. I miss Jerry Collins but before that it was John Kirwain. I loved him on the wing what a great player. I like seeing on TV doing those ads. You never knew it was happening

Scared Of

I'm scared of losing my children and grandchildren and great grand children

Happiest When

When we are having lovely family days and barbecues. Those wonderful days at the beach. Then I like to go commune with nature look at waterfalls. swim in waterhole, lay in the bush fern shrouded above. It rejuvenates me.

Also love to

To teach children how to use the computer and learn how to publish their work on the internet. I love learning new stuff myself.

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