I feel like an amateur according to marvelous Ken Rockwell's classification, and that's a lot if you read it!


If we take a look at this graph (that I love) I would say I passed the "HDR hole" because I feel my pictures stink, but I do not think I reached a 50% in technique, and that is why I am learning.


So you can see that I prefer to take references to describe myself, as I wouldn't be capable of saying much too good about me. Just judge yourself. I let you one of my favorite pictures:


Love is in the subway by Benurs - Learning and learning...


"@skrd" has a gallery commenting some of my pictures, I felt touched when I discovered it, and I think it is worth taking a look:




If I added you as a contact it means that I like your job and probably learnt something from you.

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Photos of Benurs - Learning and learning...


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