2017 note - Is there anyone out there who is not drowning in a sea of data at this point? Digital files, old folders, hard drives which you think you can rebuild and save the data from, music collection digitization projects, 8 million email folders, too many inboxes, constant barrage of notifications? I have unplugged. I might return someday. First I must save my sanity. Acclimating to Southern California and a happy marriage to Josh are priority. Then writing and making IRL. Dolphy is as cute and ever, healthy and energetic. The struggle is real, and this computer desktop is not. xoxo.




2012 note - Sorry, I'm behind on photos since going back to school for Audio Engineering in 2010. I love you anyway. Moved to Texas- come visit and make some noise.




Living deliberately.


I love people, art, birds, technology, music, futbol, cuteness, sunshine, a cat named Dolphy, and a guy named Josh.


I want people to feel good about themselves. Talk to me if I post a picture of you that makes you uncomfortable or hurts your image. I try not to post those, and will take them down.


Likewise, talk to me if you love yours! Or leave a testimonial. Thanks!


Some links:

Virtual Music

Singing with Monktail

djtamara.com is down right now.


Birder? You might like some of this:



Yeah that was me:





(Trying to live a normal life is not actually working out so well, so I'm trying to find my way back out, please bear with.)

The basement is still full of records, but next time maybe not quite so much tequila ok?

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