I enjoy wandering around the countryside looking at stuff. I usually have a camera with me, and mostly remember to press the button.


Sydney is a coastal city, and I grew up near the coast, so a lot of my photos reflect my provenance. I have moved a little bit north and have retired to where people go on their holidays.


Sailing, surfing and vacant bits of water. I also like wildlife, and shoot it where I can. My species ID skills are ropey at best, and I welcome corrections.


I also ski a bit.


Mostly harmless - Douglas Adams


And that's all there is. There isn't any more. - Madeline


Preferred attribution for use under Creative Commons: Ian Sanderson, with a link to the photo on flickr.




Me at my finest

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Ian has the ability to see a potential photo where most of us would not. A great gift; or is it learned? Probably it is both. Ian's bird photos are outstanding.

May 29, 2006