Born 1965 I am Historian and Nurse living in Hamburg, Germany with my family. I work on a PhD-project about „slave labor for Siemens“.


Having taken up photography again after a long lapse I am now in the „exploring“ phase.


Using predominantly film (Nikon F2 Photomic) in a hybrid workflow I am interested in a lot of subjects like people & my family, landscape, city and streetlife or whatever catches my eye.


I have recently taken up developing my films – my new love is Tri-X while in the past – backlog of old negatives do show up here as well – it was T-Max 100 or 400.


I sometimes post images and thoughts related as well as the (so far only occasional) information on my - digital – processing of images on my tumblr-blog:


See stuff I've done here in Flickr or on my Flickriver-stream


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Explored! Images:

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