A graphic designer interested in making a photographic record of Argentina's native flora and fauna (though most South American species are OK too!).


All this "let's go out and take some photos" thing began when I noticed that designing environmental-oriented stuff was quite painful without good photos. Most of all I needed a photo library with a nice selection of Argentine species, with emphasis in native and local ones.

Once I started taking photos, I realized that they were pretty useless without having the species properly identified. That's how I got to my present state of trying to ID every organism I happen to come across (sometimes with little success due to the scarceness of resources about local plants and animals).

Currently I'm growing and raising some native species, so as to (hopefully) take better pictures of them. But of course this is also a lot of fun!


• I like species: the diversity, the many different designs.

• Struggling to be a decent naturalist. I don't know why; I just feel compelled to understand nature.

• Strongly drawn to unique, unusual or plain weird stuff.

• Deeply intrigued by human imagination: how it works, what makes it bloom or hinders its development, and, above all, what it can do!

• Old school Goth, rooted in Romanticism (but not that you can tell... Well, maybe you can!)


Feel free to ask me about: South American species, orchids, art (styles, graphic arts, illustration, literature... whatever), typography.


Cameras: A Nikon Coolpix 4500 with some accesories. Older photos in my photostream were taken with a Coolpix 950.


Languages: Spanish, English; French I can only read.


Member of Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina.

I also edit Wikipedia in Spanish.

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