//Update - August 2014 - I love when people favorite and/or comment on my photos, but if you have no icon, profile, or photos of your own, or your entire account consists only of favorited photos of naked women or porn, please pass me by since I will block you. All the women I've shot with are classy and don't need to be part of your perversion. Thanks.//


I love to travel and take pictures - and it shows. My wanderlust started when I was about 2 years old and my parents gave me a suitcase and showed me the front door.


I now live in Star, Idaho after spending about twenty years in Anchorage, Alaska. I've also lived in Germany, England and Belgium, outside Seattle, and unfortunately, Texas. This explains the wide variety of photos in my portfolio. Ah, going through life with a European soul and an Alaskan body isn't a bad thing.


I consider my Flickr portfolio to be a travel log of places I've been. I'm not a professional photographer by any stretch, I've just been very fortunate to have seen some beautiful places in my time.


My portfolio contains a bunch of photos reflecting my eccentric and quirky personality - it has things that interest me. Hopefully none of the photos will offend anyone.


I love all aspects of photography - just wish I knew more about it. My portfolio also has a smattering of food, advertisements, portraits, people shots, photo shoots with aspiring models, and things I found unusual or interesting.


I always appreciate constructive criticism; I'm not a professional but I'm proud of my work - and I'm always willing to learn new things.


Most of my photos are licensed as Creative Commons - Attribution - you can use them but please give me credit and let me know - I'm curious to see how you use them - there is so much creativity out there that bypassed me. I started to copyright my Photo Shoot photos - not for my sake but for the models I shoot with. Before you use the model's photos, please contact me so I can contact the model to get her blessing. I shoot for fun and to get better, but if you use a photo for commercial purposes you should share it with the model - thanks!

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Absolutely some of the best work found here on Flickr. Very divers photographer.

March 31, 2020

Congratulations! Your photo gallery is of excellent quality.

May 3, 2018