unpredictable. absent-minded. humourous. practical. child-like. chatter-box. easy-going. obstinate. cuddly. lazy. laugh addict. smile fan. introvert. energetic...boundless. optimist. independent. mostly confused. Well, in short...confused and unpredictable. a girl—all the time!


I go crazy if I get a cam in hand...my pics are generally random...and I do not care much abut composition and all that...just capture in cam what's captured in my eye!


I also write equally randomly...at www.alphabetworld.wordpress.com


I use Samsung Digimax L60 and Sony Ericsson W810i....and hope to own a Sony/Nikon digicam some day.


(c) All my works are copy righted!

Thou shalt not produce any part of my pictures anywhere on the web without my permission! Rare chance; still, mail me if you're interested in anything!! :)


Do leave your suggestions / feedback if you find anything worth commenting on!!

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