My name is Larry. I live in Baltimore, Maryland with my husband Mark. I am not a photographer but I love to take pictures. Give me a camera with a ten gig chip and I will fill it up and eventually find a good photo hidden somewhere on the chip. Traveling is my passion. I am a retired federal employee and am enjoying the good life. I use flickr as a photo blog. Some photos I have worked on very seriously. Others are just daily photos that I have taken for no particular reason and just post them for storage. But you will learn all about me by looking through my photos.


I am retired from the civil service and loving my free time. Life is good.


litlesam. Get yours at


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  • JoinedMarch 2007
  • OccupationRetired Accountant
  • HometownHavre de Grace, MD
  • Current cityBaltimore, MD
  • CountryUnited States
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H PF says:

Dear Larry, wow, what a great gallery with beauftiful pictures. They are very good view about holydays and the normal USA (outside Holywood movies). Thank you very much for publishing. Yours, H PF

May 27, 2019

"Your photos and style are superb and your travel experiences awesome. Thank you for being a friend and sharing part of your global adventures with all of us. :-)"

March 8, 2012