A husband, a father, an educator, and a hobbyist. I'm a creative person - most happy being creative or viewing creativity. I enjoy photography and the modification of photos, woodworking, and writing. I live in Ontario, Canada. My pronouns are he/him but I will answer to they/them as well.


I use my Flickr page to explore two types of creativity:


1) I enjoy exploring the interplay between text and image, more specifically how can I add images to text to bring new meaning or enhanced meaning to the text. When we read text we visualize, so as an artist I wonder what happens if I do the visualizing for the reader.


2) With my photography, I like to explore viewer manipulation. For example, when I take a realistic photo, can I edit it to manipulate how the viewer sees to scene - make it less real and more of an interpretation. I also like to see if I can take un-realistic scenes (i.e., toys) and manipulate the viewer to think they are realistic.


I acknowledge that I am a non-Indigenous Canadian living on the traditional lands of the Indigenous People who are the original stewards of this land. I hope to be guided by their respect for the land and I call on my society to respect the signed treaties between our nations.

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  • JoinedApril 2007
  • OccupationEducator
  • HometownTeeswater
  • Current cityDrumbo
  • CountryCanada


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Ken Whytock has an awesome creativity skills. I Steven recently joined the flickr and since then following Ken Wyhtock. His interaction between text and image is very impressive.

February 4, 2018