I am of the film era and joyful at so many people returning to film. Film is real, unique and wonderful and one of the most amazing inventions of modern times. If it wasn't, why would there be so many people trying to make their digital photos look like a film photo?


I'm not a complete film snob but most of the time I prefer to look at a large negative than a small screen in the back of a camera. There is nothing better than digital, though, for photos of restaurant menus, also sports/wildlife photography, neither of which I do. And a little p/s digital is nice in the pocket when traveling. I'm still using a Fuji E550 from about 2004 for that.


I'm very interested in portrait photography and lighting. Anyone that is passing through Portland Oregon and wants to do a portrait session with me, I will trade your time for scanned images, using 4x5 and/or medium format film cameras. Flickrmail me and if you have real photos on your page and seem like a real person, I'll respond.


I block anyone who "follows" me or faves one of my photos, that does not have any photos on their page. Photos are why we are here.

Maybe the new owners of Flickr can figure out how to get rid of the fake accounts.


All my photos are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. I know there's nothing amazing about most of my photos but most of them are not just snap/grab shots and usually there was a considerable amount of time and thought put into them. Where models are the subject of the photo, I have paid them for their time and share the photos purely for others to enjoy and perhaps learn from some of the lighting lessons I've taken and also paid for.


I have seen some of my photos used on commercial websites and I'd like to know when someone is using them.

In most non-commercial instances I will grant permission to use photos, but please do ask me first.

Otherwise, use of any of my photos is a violation of US copyright law, which is a very serious federal law that must have been written by the US congress primarily for the benefit of their 1% supporters who have a lot of influence, because it has unusually dire consequences for those who violate it and get caught, unlike most of the laws they generate for the "benefit" of the other 99%.


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