NOTE: Until recently, most of my photos on Flickr were published under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licence. They are now available under the Attribution licence, so all you need to do is put my name somewhere near the photo, wherever you re-publish it. And if you're not publishing it, feel free to use it. But do check first to make sure that it's not an ALL RIGHTS RESERVED photo. Photos of political events (marches, protests, meetings) have a CC0 (Public Domain Dedication) licence and can be used freely for any purpose. The licence on some of my photos has changed from the CC Attribution Share-Alike licence to All Rights Reserved. See below for details.


My best stuff

If you only want to see what I consider to be my best photos, look at the Fine Art set, the My Favourites set for photos taken with my DSLR or compacts, and at the Mobile Favourites set for those taken with the various cameraphones I've owned.


My photographic history

I got serious about photography when I discovered Flickr's Explore 7 Days Interesting page. So in January 2007 I bought my Casio EX-Z700. Though a good compact, this wouldn't let me do what I wanted to do so I got a Canon S3is at the end of May 2007. This amazing camera helped me take my photography to new levels, but it still wasn't enough.


So, thanks to a small legacy, on 29th March 2007 I bought my Canon EOS 40D plus a few lenses and some other kit. Then I moved to a Nikon D5100, and these days to a Sony mirrorless camera. I also have an iPhone XS which I use more than my cameras.


Photography is my main hobby. I used to run Linux and did pretty much all of my post-processing in the Gimp and Picasa, but now I use ON1 Photo Raw on Windows.



Most of my photos on Flickr are under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, so you can use them as royalty-free stock as long as a) you credit me; and b) if you publish an image based on my picture, it must be released under the same or a similar license. As owner of the photos, I reserve the right to change this at any time. If I do, I'll give notice here and in the comments for the photos that this decision affects.


Some of the photos, particularly those in the Fine Art and The Mono Series sets, are All Rights Reserved and may not be used without explicit permission in writing from me, either by letter or by email.


Using my photos

To date, my photos have been used on a few thousand web pages and blogs including such high-profile sites as Mashable, Lifehacker, and Etsy, and also quite a few on Wikipedia. If you do use one of my photos, it's best to download it from Flickr rather than link to it as I can't guarantee it will stay here (I use Flickr as my online backup rather than purely as a showcase). My photos on Flickr were saved at around 80% quality. If you want 100% quality versions, please e-mail me at


I've also been uploading photos taken with my various mobile phones. These aren't intended to be used as stock photos; they're more for me to play around and have fun with. You can, of course, use them if you like under the same CC license as the rest of my photos. But be aware that the image quality won't be up to the quality of the DSLR photos and I'll most likely have heavily processed them.



The best way to attribute my photos on your website is to put something like "Photo by Garry Knight" below it, or near it, or at least somewhere on the page and, if you can, please link it back to the Flickr photo page.


Other sites

I'm also on Google+ so if you're on there too, please feel free to add me to a Circle, and on 500px. In both cases, just search for my name as 'Garry Knight' or 'garryknight'.



It has been brought to my attention that a website has misused one of my photos. An image of a teenager wearing bright colours and listening to music on headphones, tagged with words like "music", "colour", "listen", "girl", and "headphones" was used to illustrate an article on drug abuse, the headline of which appeared to be related to the subject of the photo. The lady in question has objected to the use of the photo in this way.


This is not acceptable. Not to her as subject nor to me as photographer.


If you're planning to use one of my photos, please think about what you're doing and exercise some intelligence when it comes to choosing which photo goes with which topic.


I don't want to have to stop publishing Creative Commons photos but if this kind of misuse continues, I will certainly do so.

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