Born 1959. Got my first camera in 1966. Hooked on photo.


My pictures are as I see them. Not arranged in any way.

They can be cropped and might have been ajusted in light and colour.


September 2021 - Have upgraded my camera to a Sony a68.




Sony 18-55 mm

Sony 55-200 mm

Tamron 70-300 mm, macro.

Tamron 18-270 mm.

Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX (11-16 mm, f: 2,8)

Sigma 150-500 mm Tele


Older pictures are mostly taken with:


Minolta X-370s


Camera history:


First camera was a German produced Arette Favorit.


Arround 1975 I bought an used Minolta SR-1. It was fited with an original 58 mm f: 1,8 and an original 35 mm f: 2,8.

Bought an used 200 mm Hanimex tele lens after a year or two.


Around 1981 I bought a new Minolta XG-1. Fittet with a 45 mm f: 1,4 lens.


Lenses for my Minoltas.


45 mm Minolta f: 1,4

28 mm Minolta f: 2,8

70 - 210 mm Tamron f: 3,8

400 mm Tokina f: 5,6

Vivitar 2x tele converter

Panagor macro converter 1:7 - 1:1


Arround 1990 the XG-1 gave up. I bought a new X-300 instead.


Arround 1999 the X-300 gave up, then got a X-370s.


Got the first digital camera in 1999. An Agfa ePhoto CL30


In 2004 I bought a Nikon CP 3100. It stopped working in Oct. 2009.


Dec. 2009 I bought a brand new Sony A 330




18 - 55 mm.

55 - 200 mm.


B&W close-up filters 3 and 5

Kenlock Pol filter.


April 2010:


Bought a Canon Power Shot A480 as an "alwaysthere" camera. To take on fishing trips and to work. Who knows where the best shot turns up.


Feb. 2011


The Canon PS A480 suddenly stopped working. Just got a new one instead.

This time it is the Power Shot A495.


Feb. 2012

The Canon PS A495 got a defect. Once again I got a new camera instead. This time a Canon PS A800. Not much difference though.


March 2013

Bought an used Sigma 100-300 mm lens. Looking forward to try catching some animal pictures.


February 2014.

The Canon A800 has been replaced. Bought a new Nikon S6400. From 10 to 16 Mpix, but most important from 3,3 to 12 x zoom and from 35 mm to 25 mm wideangle.


November 2015

My Sony A330 gave up. After 38.000 Pictures the mirror startet to make problems. Started looking for a replacement.

Had the luck to find the same model just Harly used. Only 450 Pictures.

Along with the camera I got the Tamron 70-300 mm lens with macro. It will replace my Sigma.


August 2017

Upgraded to a Sony a58. Will be looking forward to use the more developed camera.


March 2018


New lens, a Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX, 11-16 mm, F 2,8.


January 2019


My Nikon S6400 have been replaced. New camera is a Sony WX500. From 16 to 18 Mpix, and from 12X to 30X zoom. Now 24-720 mm.


September 2020


New lens, a Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM.


September 2021


Upgraded from a Sony A58 to a A68. Will proberly keep the A58 as an extra camera.


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