I like to shoot film, esp large formats. I also have a growing collection of old cameras, nearly all of which I use.


My regular kit is as follows -


35mm - Leica M5, M3, IIIf, Nikon F2, F4, FM2, FE2, Bessa-L, Contax T2

6x6 - Rolleiflex

6x7 - Mamiya 7

6x9 - Fuji GW690 III

4x5 - Shenhao

8x10 - Chamonix


All I ask -


1. No icons or images in comments please... So, please don't ask me to add a photo to a group if that group encourages posting images in comments.


2. Don't fave my pictures if you have no pictures viewable to me. .


3. Ask me if you want to blog anything.


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Useful film data link - photondetector.com/tools_ref/filmdata/

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Misty Fruit (deleted)

The man takes photos with the same skill that Batman uses when he fights crime

March 8, 2009