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Not saying the IHB better by any means cause obviously CIKN has such a classic roster but saying the RR is getting too much praise for it is, is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. You just get butt hurt cause everyone jumped on you last time for making comments ab the RR, yeah the railroad has no “classic” signals but who cares? What other operation that’s Class one or at least a regional, can you sit on a true main line and see a parade of SW1500s or even EMDs hauling steal, coke, racks, etc. If you’re a fan of geeps, the GP40s and GP38s are always classic. Saying it’s not worth your time or it’s “not cool” is a horrible statement because as you’ve seen, everyone enjoys coming here to shoot the Harbor, also you’re only saying this because you wanna be “edgy” Facebook guy that disagrees with everyone else’s point of view to fill your own ego because you wanna be the guy that shits on everything Chicago related cause you’re from the big bad Columbus region and you think everyone here is a retard, news flash, not all of us act the same as certain people online, you’re no better yourself. And Yeah the RR doesn’t have the most appealing of shots in the world, but at the same time for someone that doesn’t know how to edit or even take a photo correctly, you shouldn’t have a hard time shooting it. You sure do know how shit on everything Chicago fans enjoy, I really don’t get why you have such a “hatred” for the operation when I’m pretty sure you’ve never shot them before or made any attempts, I could be wrong but all in all, stop spewing bs and making stupid comments, have a nice day.

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