The spectacle is not a collection of images; it is a social relation between people that is mediated by images. - Guy Debord


I like my job. I never took photos until I got a digital camera. Yet I am a analog kinda guy? Wait a minute, I spend a lot of time programming for work? I like urban landscapes.


I have shot since 2001 with a Olympus Camedia c4000 and have never had a day where I did not love it. In 2006 I blew some cash on a Minolta 5D dSLR and am now learning.


UPDATE: The dSLR got stolen out of my CHECKED BAGGAGE on American Airlines. See Blog.


Hailing from Upstate new york, Albany, Buffalo. Then Philly and then Boston. 6 months in San Diego, now living in Marseille, France.


A blog populated by my gal Tamar and I,


My old website, I will soon update or delete it,



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