Scott Ableman is a marketing executive based in the Washington, DC, area.


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In the July, 2009 issue of Popular Photography Magazine:


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Some of my photos can only be viewed by friends and family who are logged into flickr, but most of my photos are posted openly under a Creative Commons non-commercial attribution license. I ask that you not only attribute but also let me know if you want to use any of my photos, and provide a link to my flickr pages (as is required by the Flickr community guidelines). Please don't copy the photos and host them yourself. As long as I don't experience abuse of these simple rules, I'll continue to make these photos public.


If you are interested in using any of my photos for commercial use, please send me a flickrmail requesting a quote. Please specify the photo you would like to use, as well as a description of how you'd like to use it.


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