In high school, I developed double-exposed photographs in a sulphurous dark room. In college, I had a great deal of fun with class assignments and my digital SLR. Now I take a lot of pictures of my pets and my siblings. (But mostly my pets.)


"Even now I could swear the voice was that of the fairy. It is probable that the fairies, driven out of tales and verses, have taken up their abode in people's hearts and speak out from there inside. This one, for example -- I have heard her many times, clearly and distinctly. She must be a cousin of the Scottish witches: 'Thou shalt be king, Macbeth!' -- 'Thou shalt be happy, Bentinho!' After all, it is the same prediction, to the selfsame tune, which is universal and eternal."

--Machado de Assis, Dom Casmurro, trans. Helen Caldwell.


"Her high gods were William the Conqueror, Stafford, and Napoleon Buonaparte, as they had appeared in the Lady's History used at the establishment in which she was educated... At school she had used to side with the Philistines in several battles, and had wondered if Pontius Pilate were as handsome as he was frank and fair."

--Thomas Hardy, The Return of the Native

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