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Medicine – Leadership – Education – Crisis Resource Management – Mindfulness – Compassion – Community Building – Wellbeing – Fitness


Adrian Clark is the Student Health & Wellbeing Manager at the University of London and the Warden of Connaught Hall, a University of London intercollegiate hall of residence. He has been in a position providing pastoral support to students in the University since 2000. Adrian uses insights from social psychology to prioritise community-building in student residence life, providing opportunities for students to develop healthy, supportive relationships, a sense of interdependence with the community, and the understanding that contributing to the wellbeing of others is a powerful way of looking after the self; he is dedicated to promoting community as a place for shared celebration of the things that make each person different, and greater recognition of the many ways in which we are the same.


Adrian qualified as a doctor with MBBS from the University of London in 2002 and began training in emergency medicine in 2005, becoming a Member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in 2009. He practised medicine for 17 years before moving to the higher education sector.


Adrian is currently studying MMEd (Master of Medical Education) at the University of Dundee, including modules in learning & teaching, educational support & resilience, assessment, leadership, and research methods.


Adrian has a daily meditation practice in the mindfulness / insight / vipassana tradition and is dedicated to bringing mindfulness and compassion into the workplace and the wider community. His bookshelf includes titles about social psychology, cognitive biases, decision-making, mental models, and crisis management. His other interests include fitness, sports nutrition, and photography.


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  • JoinedMarch 2007
  • OccupationDoctor (Emergency Medicine)
  • HometownEast Midlands
  • Current cityLondon
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
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