A long-time food fiend, I’ve been cooking, eating, studying, reading, writing, styling, and basically engaging in all things food related for over a decade.


These days, I live in San Francisco and spend a disproportionate amount of money on local food and tabletop wares and just reassure myself it’s all in the name of research. I occupy my free time with trying new restaurants, building out my home bar, shopping for antique kitchen gear, and cooking for parties, potlucks, and just the fun of it.


The rare moments when I’m not focusing on food, I focus on giving back to the community. I believe that good knife skills lead to good life skills so I partner with nonprofits to help kids to foster a healthy relationship with food.

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  • JoinedAugust 2010
  • OccupationFood Writer and TV Host
  • HometownLos Angeles, CA
  • CountryUnited States
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