From 23rd of June, 2005 to 7th of March, 2007:

I got my first (and, for now, the only one) photo camera, in the year 2005. And since than I started to love photography. I don't like to be a profesional photographer one day... all I want is...well just that I could always enjoy photographing in the way I enjoy it now :)

Photography is a pleasure for me, a hobby. And I want it to stay like this.


From 7th of March, 2007 to "infinitive":

I got my new cam at 7th of March, 2007. A Nikon D80! Hopefully I will be able to do many many photos with it and hopefuly my style will be improoving. I still "stick" with the things I said in upper lines tho.


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Just been going through you D80 set as a slideshow. What a joy! PLEASE EVERYBODY - do it! Just sit back and enjoy - Annadriel is a master of her craft! Thank You :-))

January 5, 2008

Almost too good at taking nice color close-ups. Really brilliant. Her sense of shape and color is quite amazing.

November 16, 2007
imac mac says:

I know she is a wonderful person, her pictures are fascinating, i love her work, is very inspiring, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful shot's, kisses and hugs from Lima - Perú.

April 20, 2007
4ndr3j says:

Taking a picture is easy, find something interesting to photograph is more difficult. Making a normal object interesting that's art. :)

August 24, 2006