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I'm a passionate hobby photographer from the region of Lucerne in Switzerland.

My main interest is landscape photography.

Beside taking photos in the various regions of Switzerland I especially like South Tyrol and the Dolomites area where I try to spend some days every year whenever possible.

Greece is one of my favorite travel destinations as you can easily see from my various albums of Greek islands.

Occasionally I also shoot sports and portraits.




Cameras (compact)

- Sony DSC-RX100II (since 4.2014)

- Sony DSC-RX100IV (since 1.2020)

- Asus Zenfone 6 (since 6.2019)


Cameras (APS-C)

- Sony Alpha 65 (since 3.2012)

- Sony Alpha 77II (since 5.2014)


Cameras (Full Frame)

- Sony Alpha 7II (3.2016-3.2018)

- Sony Alpha 99II (11.2016-9.2019)

- Sony Alpha 7III (since 3.2018)

- Sony Alpha 7RIV (since 9.2019)


E-Mount Zoom Lenses (Full Frame)

- Sony FE 12-24mm F4 G (SEL1224G)

- Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS (SEL24105G)

- Sony FE 28–70 mm F3.5–5.6 OSS (SEL2870)

- Sony FE 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G OSS (SEL70300G)

- Sony FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS (SEL200600G)


E-Mount Prime Lenses (Full Frame)

- Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G (SEL20F18G)

- Sony FE 35mm F2.8 ZA Zeiss Sonnar T (SEL35F28Z)

- Sony FE 55mm F1.8 ZA Zeiss Sonnar T (SEL55F18Z)

- Sony FE 85mm F1.8 (SEL85F18)


A-Mount Zoom Lenses (Full Frame)

- Tamron SP 15-30mm F2.8 Di USD

- Sony 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM II Zeiss (SAL-2470Z2)


A-Mount Prime Lenses (Full Frame)

- Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro


A-Mount Zoom Lenses (APS-C)

- Sony DT 16-80mm F3.5-4.5 ZA Zeiss (SAL-1680Z)

- Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM ART


Haida 100mm Filter System

- Haida M10 Drop-in pol circular

- Haida PRO MC 100x150mm GND 0.9 soft

- Haida Red Diamond 100x150mm GND 1.2 soft

- Haida Red Diamond 100x100mm ND 1.2

- Haida Red Diamond 100x100mm ND 3.0


Haida 150mm Filter System

- Haida PROII MC 150mmx170mm GND 0.9 soft

- Haida Red Diamond 150x150mm ND 0.9

- Haida Red Diamond 150x150mm ND 3.0


Circular Filters

- B+W Professional 62mm ND 0.6

- B+W Professional 62mm ND 1.8

- Hama pol circular 62mm

- Haida pol circular 82mm

- Haida Slim PROII 82mm ND 1.8

- Haida Slim PROII 82mm ND 3.0



- micro: Manfrotto Pixi Evo

- mini: Rollei Compact Traveler Mini M-1 B

- small: Rollei Compact Traveler No 1 (Carbon)

- small: Rollei Compact Traveler No 1 (Alloy)

- travel: Leofoto Ranger LS-255C (Carbon)

- travel: Rollei C5i (Carbon)

- travel: Rollei C5i (Alloy)

- medium: Rollei Rock Solid Gamma Mark II (Carbon)


additional Tripod Heads

- Leofoto G2 Geared Panoramic Head

- Novoflex Panorama 48 Head


Camera Backpacks

- compact: Lowepro Flipside 400 AW

- medium: Mindshiftgear Backlight 26L

- medium: Lowepro Pro Tactic 450 AW

- large: Lowepro Pro Trekker 450 AW


Light meter

- Sekonic Flashmate L-308X


Standard Flashes

- Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1 digital (since 2012)

- Sony HVL-F43M (since 5.2015)

- Sony HVL-F20M (since 6.2016)


TTL/HSS Wireless Flash System

- Godox XPro-S Flash Controller (since 11.2018)

- Godox X1R-S Flash Receiver (since 11.2018)

- Godox AD200 Pro (since 11.2020)

- Godox AD200 (since 11.2018)

- Godox AD200 AD-B2 Twin Head (since 11.2020)

- Godox V1 (since 12.2019)


Manual Wireless Flash System

- Yongnuo 560 TX Flash Controller (since 3.2017)

- 2x Yongnuo 560 III Flashes (since 3.2017)

- 2x Yongnuo RF603C II Flash Triggers (since 3.2017)


The Yongnuo RF603CII triggers were modded the way that they can trigger my other flashes (with Sony Multi Interface standard hotshoe)


Godox and Yongnuo Flash System combined

After some testing I found a perfectly working solution to trigger my Godox flashes (by the Godox XPro-S flash controller) in combination with my Yongnuo flashes (indirectly triggered by the Yongnuo 560TX flash controller connected to my Godox X1R-S receiver).


Of course the Yongnuo flashes will still be manual only but I can easily change the settings (like flash power and zoom) wireless by the Yongnuo 560TX controller and use them as additional flashes in a studio setup.

Alternatively I can mount my original Sony HVL-F43M flash on the Godox X1R-S flash receiver in order to have an additional TTL/HSS flash which can be directly controlled by the Godox Xpro-S flash controller.


Lens Adapter

- Sony LA-EA3 (to use a-mount lenses on e-mount cameras)


Is continuous AF tracking with the Sony A7II reliable using the Sony LA-EA3 lens adapter?

Have a look at my album "AF Tracking Test A77II vs A7II" which can be found here:


My Flickr galleries

please also have a look at my gallery "Beautiful Greece"

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