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I love to capture the color and excitement and silliness of Key West and the Florida Keys.


Marya Hornbacher, on cats and Madness (interview):


-You mention your dogs in Madness. Do they react to your mood swings and if so how?


Actually, I have to confess that my dogs are spectacularly dumb. They have no insight into anything besides naps, dinner, and snacks. They are sweet and omnipresent, so for my purposes their absurdity (they are miniature dachshunds, which are hardly even real dogs) and glee and loafing about are a great comfort.

The person (yes person) who really gets my moods and will not leave my side when I am even marginally bats is my cat Shakespeare, who is enormous and snobby to everyone but me.


key lime pie (Anna Wiz). Get yours at

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Jesse G says:

She's the coolest

October 3, 2006

The best pussy on Flickr, bar none. Key Lime Pie likes to lick me, with a tongue that tickles in more ways than one. For an animal without opposable thumbs, KLP sure knows how to handle a camera!

April 25, 2006