From January 06 until September 07 I had a Nikon D50.


Since September 07 I got a D200 <3


Current lenses:

» Nikkor 50mm 1.4f

» Sigma 105mm 2.8f Macro lens

» Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S VR DX

» Sigma 18-50mm 2.8 EX DC Asp IF

» Sigma 10-20mm 4.0-5.6 EX DC HSM AF

» Nikkor 35mm AF 2.0D



» Nikon Speedlight SB-600 (since 08/2007)



» Praktica-Filter „Circular Pol“ 52mm

» B&W Pol-Filter Circ. Käsemann Slim 72mm E MRC

» Tian-Ya (like Cokin) Filter-Set: Gradual grey, Gradual Orange, ND-8,ND-4


Past lenses:

x Nikkor 18-55mm kit lens > gave this to my sister

x Nikkor 50mm 1.8f > gave this to my sister


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thank you for adding me! your pretty pictures make my day!

September 16, 2008
helpful tail (deleted)

annia316 is a very sweet person with very beatiful photos that will make you smile and tilt your head.

August 13, 2008

annia316 ღ Her flicker is one of the best galleries in my contact list..She have many beautiful shots..I love her editing on photos..& also her macro shots are gorgeous..Keep going..! Wishing to u all the best..~

March 17, 2008

If you are a fan of hamster - annia316 is the right person for making lovely and heart-warming photos!!!! She's doing a great job and really knows how to share her passion and love for those lovely animals.

November 18, 2007
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Anita is one of my best friends! She´s such an adorable person! Anita - I´m proud to call you my friend! Stay as kind as you are and keep making such great photos!

October 21, 2007
Veronica says:

Annia has been my friend since 2002, she's a nice and caring person, who loves animals, the photography and enjoys the life to it's full.. I'm glad that the fate put her in my way... love you sis'

August 3, 2007

Annia is a wonderful woman whose photography has really blossomed over the past year or so. I always look forward to seeing her new photos and reading her comments on mine.

July 7, 2007

She's a very nice person with an adorable hamster named Puchi! Seeing her hamster always makes me smile! She's a very good person!

June 17, 2006

Her comments always make people happy! She seems like a very sweet person :D And she has a beautiful hamster called Puschl! Check it out!!!

August 16, 2005