Half Czech and half Polish, I was raised in the Appalachian mountains of NC and educated for the first three years of undergrad. at Trinity College, Toronto, and the fourth year at Glasgow University (English Specialist, Visual Studies Major, and Drama Minor). I've travelled in many countries and have lived in Canada, the US, Norway, the Czech Republic, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, and (currently) Germany.


I am a voracious reader and aspiring artist. My song is "All My Little Words" by the Magnetic Fields. My favourite food is cheese and I like cold weather, gin, and going inside caves.


I hate a wide variety of things, with lying and stupidity leading the pack but such varied horrors as emoticons, tobacco, quite a lot of pop culture, gigglers, "bloggers," and the public transportation system in Melbourne, Australia, also included. I tend to distrust people who don't have lots of books and idiots who fuck around with drunk driving are not forgiven. I cannot whistle.


The coolest thing about me is that I have a copy of The Meaning of Liff signed by the author.



Let there be a respectful tribute to my grandmother's Praktica, bought in Poland in 1964, my beloved camera for many years.


My next camera was a FinePix S200EXR and it was the biggest piece of shit--the photographs are far worse quality than my old S9500, it took a good four seconds to turn on, and various controls started failing within months. I tried for year to return it or get it replaced under the warranty but it was just sent back to me with a note saying that they found nothing wrong with it. Needless to say, I will not be buying a FinePix again.


My new camera is a Lumix and it's quite all right.


I may be the problem, as well as the guy who sucks.

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  • OccupationEditor / bird without legs / amateur psychologist
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  • Current cityDresden
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She may not be a lady, but she's all woman.

May 25, 2007

Noosh is the problem. She is the guy who sucks.

February 10, 2007