After showing new work at Okazi Gallery in Berlin, I went straight to bed...I mean work. Well, I was dreaming in German about a TV programme that could be made into a print magazine.


0H10M1ke TV the Magazine! Now back in the states. So free, I didn't even print it!


C0's trip to Colombia was a great success! We fell in love with Manizales and they with us. Such a great time. Thanks!!!!!/phot...


Museum L1VEDRAW was Badass. Here is some video:


I have been asked to perform L1VEDRAW at Brooklyn Museum with Comandante Zero on April 7, 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is in conjunction with the Keith Haring exhibition, and comes 4 years after becoming the Keith Haring of our generation, lol.







100 K Matchbooks is at hand!!!! The math says it will take me 40 years, so I will be in my 70's...


See you then!





Come be a part of it! June 12 at 4PM on Governor's Island in New York City! 10K Matchbooks!!!




Countdown to 10,000 Matchbook...


I will complete this project between June 4,5 at BOS '11 in Bushwick and June 11,12 at Figment on Governor's Island. 10,000 Matchbooks!!!!!





As of March 26, 2011: 9360 matchbook portraits!


I need to draw 976 more matchbook portraits to reach 10,000 matchbooks! Can I do it by 10.10.10?




Come see ArtElectro @ Cameo gallery in Williamsburg on Saturday June 19th at 7:30- starring Comandante Zero w/ 0H10M1ke and Streetlab.




Neighbors, Tourists- i invite thee:


0H10M1ke presents 10K PPL


0H10M1ke wanders the streets of Brooklyn and NYC, passing out serially numbered matchbook portraits completed on the spot in 1 minute. His first major project, The Year of 1000 Drawings, culminated in a solo exhibition at Artland in 2008. His 2009 work, 10K PPL, consists of 10,000 contour drawings of faces on display for the first time at VOD under the Williamsburg Bridge at 99 S. 6th St & Broadway.


0H10M1ke 10K PPL installation

0H10M1ke LIVEDRAW performance

0H10M1ke ArtMenu presentation


0H10M1ke presents 10K PPL

f/ 0H10M1ke LIVEDRAW and Portraiture

w/ a DJ set from Dan Freeman of Comandante Zero

July 25th @ VOD

99 South 6th Street

Williamsburg, BK

Opening Reception 6-8PM

Performance 8-10PM


Neighbors in Tourism,


Though the rumors that I have forsaken paper for a completely digital LIVEDRAW reality have been swirling about the blogosphere, I assure you this is not so. I won't deny that my love affair with my wacom tablet has continued to blossom in 09. He is just so cutting edge and you all know how i love the future, traveling there most vacation days. He is immediate yet impermanent. He allows me to do things I never thought possible. And for that, I love him. Yes, i said it! I LOVE MY WACOM TABLET.


Now, then- while I have enjoyed the lavish nature of our relationship (invitations to perform at the best venues, parties, and events, remaking me into a VJ, and teaching me to draw to music), I remain a paper addict. Some would say committed, but I would argue that there is something about the feel of pen on paper that cannot be simulated and I know I will remain a slave to papyrus until end days.


In an effort to assure you that this is really true, I have completed 10K PPL. That is to say that I have drawn 10,000 mostly single-line drawings of people. The project is ongoing and I continue to produce amidst beginning my next yearlong project: 0H10M1ke's 100 C0llages. 100 Collages will incorporate 10K PPL as pieces assembled to create 100 works of collaged ppl.


I continue to create and send into the world 0H10 matchbooks. Currently I am in the 6300's and I will continue until i have reached 10,000. While the first 5,000 were mostly one-line illustrations of faces, the next 5,000 will be comprised mostly of actual one-line portraits. If you have a matchbook in your collection, please photograph and scan it and send to for the upcoming show. thanks for tuning in and we will see you next week...


N, T, P, and cetera-


The Guggenheim Museum Renegade LIVEDRAW performance was fantastic. It exceeded my capacity to comprehend 0h10m1ke's unlikely reality. Performing @ Webster Hall was so good we were asked to return and play December 5th. One night before on December 4th we will play a sold out show at Piano's w/ Stellastarr*.


Neigh, T0ur, Pe0, et al-


@ Monkeytown Cecile came up to me after the show and told me i had given her a matchbook two weeks prior with little to no explanation (drive-by matchbook). she searched all the details written therein and materialized before my eyes that night to see the performance. 5000 matchbooks later, you guys are catching on. good. now i go even faster. pls do your best to keep up. cheers!


Ne1ghb0rs, T0ur1sts, and Pe0ple at large-


I w1ll be perf0rm1ng w1th C0mandante Zer0 at Kn1tt1ng Fact0ry 0n July 31st. Attendance 1s MANDAT0RY!!!!


0H10M1ke is an electronic illustration performer. He illustrates live as bands play their songs and the images are projected as the backdrop of the performance. His most recent performance at Uniondocs in Williamsburg, BK on April 12th was a collaboration with Comandante Zero of Brooklyn. Their music is awesome and their website is neat:


view photos of the performance here:


In the year 2007, 0H10M1ke surprised even himself by completing 1000 drawings in one year. 0H10M1ke's F1rst 1000 showed at Artland in Williamsburg for one month in December 2007 featuring a 1000 image slideshow and installation of several hundred originals.


0H10M1ke is currently working on his 2008 project- 10,000 Pe0ple- abstract renditions of ten thousand faces inspired by New York City via transit, work, nightlife, and imagination.


For more visit


*******************0h10m1ke 1NF0**************************


T0ur1sts- was born at 11:13 PM on Sunday 4/20/08. Believe it, for it is true. Take a digital trek to the virtual promised land. Click on the mecca of 0H10M1ke:




The 4/12 performance was a success! Electronic illustration is the future at hand...Comandante Zero rules your face and you will bow down to them should you care to live another day...Over 30 depraved lunatics witnessed the glory of 0h10m1ke LIVEDRAW. Be next! or be vexxed!


Dear Ne1ghb0rs (0nly)-


Please join me on April 12th for an exhibit and performance at Uniondocs on Union and South 1st in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


I will be exhibiting a portion of my 2008 project 10,000 Pe0ple as well as performing livedraw illustrations to the music of brooklyn's Comandante Zero on tablet.


The exhibit portion begins at 7 PM, followed by 0H10M1ke w/ Comandante Zero at 9. Tickets are $8 and seating is limited. Please email to purchase advance tickets:







I am happy to report that my first solo exhibition has come to a close. The opening was a success- 50 people. Hundreds of drawings. 1000 projected images. One media hit. One drawing sold. Milions of lessons learned. It showed for one month in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and was enjoyed by dozens if hundreds.


But that was 2007. I just scanned 56 new gems to the digital gallery, as part of my next project, 10,000 Pe0ple I've spoken to the curator at Uniondocs in Williamsburg and will be working out a date to exhibit in April. Until then, I have no time to lose. Back to work...


Please enjoy your visit. Stay as long as you like and kindly see yourself out- if you will, and you will.


Thank you presently and in advance for all your support!





0H10M1ke's F1rst 1000


609 Grand St at L0r1mer

W1ll1amsburg, Br00klyn .

Opening Night: 12.14 from 5-9PM


Cincinnati-hailing Brooklyn artist 0H10M1ke completed 1000 drawings in one year. On 12.14 all drawings will be viewed as projected images, accompanied by an installation of hundreds of originals in collage form at Artland. December 14-January 10


DIRECTIONS: L Train to Lorimer. Exit Lorimer St. Walk south 5 blocks. Turn left on Grand. 609 Grand... or just follow the matchbooks...




1000 is complete. I am currently submitting it in parts, but I'm on the look-out for the appropriate venue to show all 1000.


Hell0 T0ur1sts-


Welcome to digital Ohio, or as we like to refer to it here: 0h10. Many of you know I have been working frantically of late penning what will be 0h10m1ke's first 1000 works. I am happy to report that I have finished this project. I am in the process of scanning them, so they will be added steadily over time. Please visit frequently, make comments, and invite others. The goal here is to generate enough fodder to create my own digital universe. By contributing your interpretations of my work, you are investing creative capital in the formation of this universe. One day, millions of people all over the world WILL pay ridiculous fees to rent timeshares in 0h10. DO NOT DELAY. Join me.


The theme is 0H10M1KE

The theme is 0's and 1's.

The theme is on or off

The theme is yes or no

The theme is this or that


The evolution:


Mike from Ohio:

NYC created Ohio Mike. Simply through moving here, I became known as Mike from Ohio; Ohio Mike.


Mike in 0H10:

The digital lifestyle that I began taking part in when I moved to NYC created 0H10Mike; Mike adapting to a non-analog business and private cult-life that seemed to be without much nuance, hence zeroes and ones. this or that.


M1KE in 0h10:

0H10M1KE was created through this evolutionary process when I embraced a digital reality- 0H10, representing my completely digital environment, M1KE (1 as in 'on'), representing me as an individual having adapted to my new digital reality.


There are several styles and genres employed within the first 1000. A description below serves as a legend to the work:


Circleville is a satire of professional cult-life in a combination of comic strip, design, and cartoon that has birthed characters such as Mr. Hand (blind authority), Superobo Microcomputer (relentless perfection), Chip (youth and idealism) and The Old Block (experience and cynicism) and a set of symbols to help illustrate the concepts being explored:

@- status

#- finance

*- education

!- vitality


Surreality- One-line style drawings that are gestural and abstract. They have been compared to Hirschfeld. My worldview explored.


Texted- Drawings that incorporate text to convey a thought. They are linguistic in nature and have been compared to Saul Steinberg. Again, my worldview explored.


Creative Planning- I sketch out absurd layouts of highly detailed plans using mindmaps and webs that I make into scenes, or that I incorporate various odd imagery. better than excel!


Characters- I've worked closely with thousands of people. Most drawings are stream of consciouness and the faces and gestures that I create are based on real people I have known and real expressions i have captured. my photographic memory is my camera.


Guys with Ties- many illustrate managers in compromising positions due to the pressure of the corporate world, some mocking, some comisserating.


See you in the future...



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