I first started my hobby of photography when I was 12 years of age. My Grandma started giving me Kodak disposal cameras, then for Christmas she gave me a $99 Digicam. I was able to sell photos with that and then bought myself a Finepix S5000.


Since then my photos have been used at, A legal textbook, websites for fighting AIDS, and Cancer. Microsoft contacted me, but then "recalled" the message. Also I use to work for a magazine called Rubikkon)

All my photos of people are copyright by Joshua Davis and may not be used without permission. Some photos containing trademarks or copyrighted works are also copyright by me and all respective owners.


A word about Flickr. If you add me as a contact, and either have a bunch of porno pics, or if you have no pics but have 1000 contacts with porn, I will block you. I count 160 people as contacts, and 330 people count me as a contact. So don't get mad if I don't reciprocate.


Ezine for teen photographers Teen Photo Magazine.

Find me at or Facebook.

You can also find me at YouTube.

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I totally dig this dude. I love his spirit and his affable nature and I especially love his photography. Joshua is one of my many nice contacts. We e mail each other back and forth sometimes, and i feel like i'm spreaking to my brother! I wish Joshua all the best in his photography.

July 15, 2006
Lean Match (deleted)

I love the fact that he doesn't let his age speak for him, you know? His photos are on the calliber of a pro. Gives me hope for the future of young photographers, such as myself. LOL

March 14, 2006