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Welcome and thank you for passing by, feel free to browse around. My primary purpose for the Flickr account was to share memories, emotions and pictures with the ones I love, so you might see photos that I wouldn't show if I was up for a pure show case.


I'm an amateur/hobby photograph, mostly taking pictures during vacation. Startet back in the early seventies by using my fathers Pentax Spotmatic, got a Praktika around 1975/76 as my first camera, upgrade later to a Canon A1 and T90, left out the whole autofocus film camera generation. Back to Pentax for a *istDs in 2006 and then a K20 and K5. Since a while I enjoy the usage of film and old cameras again (Pentax LX & MX, Pentax 645n, Pentax Auto110) mostly black/white and once in a while slide (desperately waiting for the new Ektachrome). Got a Pentax K1 mk II lately so digital is in favor again.

Currently investigation into a scanning workflow that supports 110, 120 and 135 format, but also 4x5 as I signed up for "The Standard 4x5" Kickstarter project, will be a whole new adventure.

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Bel album qui donne une furieuse envie de découvrir le monde... le regard sensible du photographe y est pour quelques choses !

June 25, 2021

Estoy impresionado con cada una de tus imágenes que son a cada cual más impactante y perfecta. Gracias por compartir tu trabajo que seguiré con mucho gusto y del que estoy seguro aprenderé también mucho. Hasta pronto.

February 9, 2020