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broken roof (deleted)

baboon is one of my favourite photographers, his shots are very interesting, mostly simple objects with a good angle of view. He got a great feeling for taking pictures on a high level. It was very great to meet him in Israel, a very friendly man. thanks for shwoing me Telaviv!

June 4, 2006

baboon influenced me. and i'm influenced by baboon through all eternity.

May 30, 2006

baboon is a genious of colours. If only the world looked as nice in reality as it does in baboon's photos! mind you, it obviously does - just need to know where to look, don't you? not to mention his crazy sense of humor, which starts already in his tomato icon :-)

February 18, 2006
Brash Name (deleted)

+baboon is just a color crazy guy...when i look for inpiration i first check his minimal set. he just knows to find the right spot at the right time-time after time.

January 12, 2006

I'm always looking forward to see what photo the baboon will post next! His photos make me smile :) He's got a great eye for colour and some brilliant compositions. Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

June 25, 2005