Most of my photos are available for your use under the Creative Commons "Share Alike" license. This means you are free to adapt, copy, and distribute my images with attribution as specified by me. A lot of people are pretty sloppy with the attribution part. It should look something like this:


Image Source: Richard Masoner.


Note my name and the link to my website. Note also that the Share Alike license has a requirement that any altered form of the image must have a similar "Share Alike" license applied to it. Note that I have no restriction for commercial or non-commercial use.


If you use of my photos, please leave a comment -- this isn't for permission sake, I just like to know where my photos have gone, and I'll likely reciprocate with a link to you from my blog or via Twitter.

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Quite a character, great blogger and avid cyclist! I read his blog daily, on my RSS feeds

July 14, 2006