(no - not from Hawaii, but I'm always wishing I was there)

Someone recently told me that saying Aloha has a universal calming sound to it... go ahead~ say it out loud right now , I'll wait :-)


What a great place to play, show off photos, get feedback from fellow photogs, waste an entire afternoon instead of doing something boring... like work! and best of all - to push, challenge, or just have fun with my photography passion.


I have become an obsessive photographer. Not sure if that's good or bad. I've been at this awhile but I am still in the learning stages as far as perfecting my knowledge and skills with the camera. But the desire to be a "better" photographer has been lying idle within me for too many years. I am now returning to what I set out to do almost 30 years ago. And I love it!

I would welcome and value, any and all comments and/or advise ...... good, bad, constructive, honest and real.... that any of you would like to throw at me. I'm a willing and eager student.


Oh - I'm also a newly divorced (finally)-- mother of two -- granma of two, just added two more and there's another on the way! -- photography student -- student of this thing called life and still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up... if I grow up. I figured I better be taking notes of this journey,,,,,, visual notes,,,,,through photography.


I also have to comment that some of the photos I have seen so far here on Flickr are fabulous. I am truly enjoying some of your wonderful work, the fun ideas, the honesty of your photography. Thanks for the inspiration.



oh btw-

If you fav or comment any of my photos & you do not have a profile on flickr, I will block you.

If you favorite or comment any of my photos & you have questionable creepy content on your page, I will block you.

I'm just not into that kind of weirdness


BjdReams. Get yours at

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Billie is a lovely person, and she is very creative! I loved doing my duet shot with her, she's such a sweetie :). Even tho she might be going to some rough times atm, she still keeps taking her pictures and putting her soul and emotions in them. I'm looking forward to see more of her work!

August 7, 2008
Melissa says:

BjdReams is one of my favortie people here on Flickr. She is so sweet and down to earth. She is very creative in her photography and I am always looking forward to her pictures in my photostream. So glad we met!

May 24, 2008