Thank you for stopping by! I have to do the Nitty Gritty first, bear with me and don't steal ;)


*The Nitty Gritty:*

If you would like to use my photos on your website, you MUST:

1. credit Preeti at for the photo or a different person if I listed it;

2. link back to the Flickr page where the photo is.


This is *only* for personal websites. Commercial websites must contact me for details. I also reserve the right to remove my photos from websites that I deem inappropriate.


I unfortunately have to do this since some photos go viral and end up on hundreds of pages. A warning to Tumblr users, if you use my photos and fail to comply with the above, I WILL email you requesting you to do so.


Photos are All Rights Reserved.


Please follow the copyright listed and if you would like to license the photo, email me! I won't bite unless you make me ;)


You may not edit photos in any way.


For commercial usage, all photos are All rights reserved. Please contact me for licensing information.


I have a lot of photos unpublished as well. If you are looking for commercial usage of a photo, drop me a line and I'll see what I can dig up. I have a lot from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Öland, Narvik, Iceland, Budapest, Northern Sicily, San Francisco, Point Reyes, Berkeley, Fez.


Finally, the fun stuff:

Traveled around the world, love the web and cupcakes. Also <3 to my lovely bunny who passed away earlier in the year.


Email just to say hi or ask questions :)


I have photos also published with the following companies/individuals:

Mastercard Priceless Campaign

Long Beach Nature Museum

Getty Images

Various blog publications


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"A photo is memory captured in pixels.


Sometimes you find love, sometimes you find despair, sometimes you find beauty, but you always find a moment worth capturing. " - me

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