Photography isn't just taking a picture, it's a whole development of getting the right moment, the feelings, the mood, the ideas and the soul of the scene. The pure scene. Not killing the scene. It's like transporting it to a frame full of life and interpretations.


I usually take my pictures with a Zenit TLL camera, an old USSR-manufactured film camera that was bought in Iraq's late 70's by my father. I usually carry Fuji Superia color processed or Fuji T-MAX b/w processed rolls. Sometimes I also do use of university's Nikon N80 for academic projects porpouses.


Besides my preference for analog cameras I also take pictures with digital ones. For this porpouse I've got a Canon PowerShot S2 IS which I share with my dad and a PowerShot A530 which is often borrowed from my sister. They're not such great cameras but they are ok.


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