My GPS on the road of life is working though there's been detours that have taught me well. Originally from Ann Arbor, I've lived all over the world and moved to Key West in 2004. II've traveled extensively worldwide thanks to the Navy. New places, cultures, people and history amaze me. I have an insatiable appetite for life and desire to squeeze the marrow out of it before time squeezes it out of me. Media/communications is my profession and I love it. I’m expanding my creative side through photography and writing. My interests run the gamut from physical to cerebral. I can be rather intellectual (enjoy reading, discussing current events and the mundane like why Marines are called "jarheads") but also find laughter extremely important to everyday life. I’m a tactile, physical person who remains active by playing sports (flag football, softball), running, anything on the water (snorkeling, kayaking), biking, walking the beach, hiking, motorcycle riding, etc. New restaurants, live music, indie films, sporting events (especially college football) are other things that I like. Learning and giving back to my community are also important to me. I still take classes (motorcycle riding, personal trainer, basement refurbishment, teaching certification) and I’m active in Rotary, college alumni and professional organizations.

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