Photography is my way of trying to be creative in a medium I enjoy. In a way my photostream has been a timeline of my journey thus far. I've dabbled with various types of photography, but it's not until recently I've been narrowing what I really like and want to focus on with the use of my time. I feel like a rookie that has finally matured to the real start of my beginning stage. What you see is what I saw. With that being said I have no portfolio or body of work that I think is a representation of me as a photographer. I personally don't think I'm refined enough yet. A lot of misses, but it's part of the learning process, which I tend to use a Bloom's Taxonomy approach.


I could also easily rant on what annoys me about photography, but I don't want to offend anyone on my subjective opinions. I could also attempt to tell you what photography is to me or what I consider exceptional photography, but I find it quite difficult to articulate in writing. Also my thoughts at this time is coming from a beginners mouth so it's probably not worth the two cents.


Other than that I have nothing much else to say but keep it true to yourself.


Updated 04/2014

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